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Quill Ink was started in February 2018 to provide content strategy, branding and marketing services for professionals, startups, small businesses and boutique firms.

There is a need for elite content in many sectors as digital and influencer marketing is reigning the web. We are not a content mill; our craft has charm.

We write for the audiencewith contemporary and stylish contentin a language they will understand. Be it the classic old-time orthodox sophistication or the post-millennial voguish lingo — we can swing it all.

We aim to work with new businesses to weave fashionable content and brand them distinctly for the new age.


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    Content Strategy and Design

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    Content Branding and Marketing

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    Digital Marketing and Social Media Content

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    Book Writing And Editing

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    Article Writing and Blogging

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    WordPress & Squarespace Website Development


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Deepa has a double Masters in Psychology and Social Work. She has worked extensively in the sectors of child relief, neurology, psychiatry, disability, public health, waste management, book publishing and digital marketing. Passionate about many fields, she found her calling in content writing where she can research and write about various subjects, futuristic concepts and trends.

She has taken up diverse roles in human resources, social activism, communications, content writing and strategy. Autonomy, creativity and organisation are main things she loves about her many roles so her career progression led her to start her own concern. Of late, she specialises in writing digital content and professional books.  

When not at work, she is found experimenting with WordPress websites, blogging, reading or playing with her pet.