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Starting a business? Get a website without the fuss.

After founding Quill Ink, I have had a couple of entrepreneurs and small businesses approach me to get some basic problems sorted out for their business and brand. One common problem for them was shelling out money to get a website done. So, I am giving a quick guide for you to decide better while […]

Why do you need web analytics?

When you run a business online, your revenue can come from numerous sources. You may have a website and other digital assets to help with your marketing but do you know if you are getting proper return on investments? For a Facebook page for your business, the number of likes for your post or online […]

Why do you need a digital solutions agency?

This is an era where all things we touch turn digital, if not gold. Entrepreneurs want to offer cutting-edge technology, best-selling products, and groundbreaking solutions to the crowd. You are surely mulling over your brand’s future every time you step outside — be it attending business events, hunting for clients or socialising with the industry’s […]

It is high time you went Digital.

This article speaks about the rapid technology revolution that is taking place among people and why businesses have to revamp to keep up to the rat race.

How To Write Website Content Without Rupturing Brains?

This post gives pointers on how to get started with writing copy for websites.

5 Tips For Professional Bloggers

This article gives out 5 tips for for bloggers who want to make money out of their blogs

4 Tips For Newbie Bloggers

This article gives 4 tips to every new professional blogger on how to write an article that sells.

How to trend in Social media : Are you getting the right ENGAGEMENT?

With the net so easily accessible across devices, the social networks have become internet habitats. Social media has become a virtual hangout for people these days. They check notifications, subscribe to specific users, access trending news incessantly. They interact with larger groups, join communities, and voice their opinions without restraint.  Having a brand presence across […]