4 Tips For Newbie Bloggers

If you want to monetise your blog or create a personal brand then read on.

The rest of you can get back to your rant on whatever spoilt your morning. (Hey, I read personal blogs!) — Social Inquisitiveness.

Why complicate headlines with wordplay and highbrow language?

Those are not going to make a reader click on the article. Your headline should be #clickbait – simple, clear, specific and scare the reader with #fomo (fear of missing out).

A headline should tell readers what they can expect from your article. It can be written in a way people search for topics on search engines. These can be listicles  – ‘list of things to know while writing a blog article” or tutorials, “how to write a blog article”.

You could get creative with your headlines – break myths or give out did-you-know facts. Simply try out, “Guess what this lady found while out on a camping trip…” –  traps readers cleverly.

Basically, you start with a topic, make a title out of it, give direction to your article with some structure, write the article down, and finally tweak the title to make it as attention-grabbing as possible. If nothing else works, “Hubspot- blog topic generator” is our SOS.

Accessorize the article with hooks, slugs, excerpts, tags, and categories

A reader would quickly like to know what the article is going to cover. The headline might not finish a thought and you need accessories to crisply explain the concept to the reader.

A hook is an introduction to the article that makes the readers want to know more and gets them to continue reading. Excerpts like meta-data describe the article in a few words. Slugs, tags, and categories help readers to easily find your articles on the internet.

If I write an article on the topic “personal branding” in isolation and just let it be, it going to be as dead as a door-nail. Let me animate it:

Title:  5 easy tips for personal branding that your college hasn’t taught you.

Slug:  https://xxx.wordpress.com/2016/10/08/personal-branding-1/

An URL without Slug: https://xxx.wordpress.com/2016/10/1223243423s32423

Excerpt: This post is a quick hack for first-time resume builders who do not know what is wrong with their job profile and why they are unable to snag jobs.Consider these quick tips when you are building your professional profile.

Category: Categorising the article under “recruitment”, “job search”  instead of “lifestyle” places it better on your blog.

Tags: recruitment, employment, vacancies, jobs, resume, CV

Spice up your black-and-white article with some ingredients

Pictures, videos, bullet points, analogies, and examples give clarity to a coffee-deprived soul. Position them strategically along the body of the article to explain concepts better and make it visually enticing.

Structure your article, use sub-headings, and highlight important keywords. So, even if a reader just skims through the article, he/she gets the complete gist.

Be creative with colour and various fonts to make your article attractive. Speaking of that, you could link your article to several other awesome articles, as link-baits. See what I did there?

What is a movie without a climax?

Readers remember the morals/climax more than the story itself. Summarise and give them a few crucial points as takeaways. Cite references if you have taken sources online— that speaks of your professionalism.You could also give them a glossary of words they don’t know about, to understand the article better. Finally, have a call-to-action (CTA) for readers on what you want them to do with your article.  

Remember, to have a successful viral article, you need:

  1. A sensible and direct headline
  2. A hook or an introductory paragraph along with categories, tags, a slug and an excerpt
  3. A formatted article with sub-headings, bullet lists, analogies, keywords, pictures, videos, and examples
  4. A summary of crucial takeaways

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