It is high time you went Digital.

What are Gen X, Y and Z?

Between the 1940s and 1960s, we saw the uprise of the digitisation era. Digital watches, calculators were cool and computers were used in wars. The Gen X population enjoyed these benefits for 30 to 40 years.

Until the late twentieth century saw the dawn of the Internet and then Digitalisation emerged. Dial-ups and broadband internet connections were the rages. Gen Y enjoyed the launch of messengers and emails.

Even before Y2K, social networks launched and cell phones became an essential accessory for everyone, just like watches and sunglasses. Internet became cheap and personal computers provided entertainment 24/7. Phones and cameras could be connected to the internet and pictures could be shared all over the world. The super power of ubiquity could cut across space and time.

Another 5 years and the ‘things’, ‘devices’, and ‘gadgets’ we used, connected with the internet and acquired a new superpower – intelligence and they became smart. Simply, list down the things that your smartphone can do for you….can’t quantify, right? You know who else is smart? Gen Z! Surely, you have seen 2 year olds play with smart tablets!

Gen X, Y and Z are witnessing a technology revolution that is evolving at the speed of light. Wherever they hang out, they can access the internet. Their smart gadgets are recording their activities 24/7 and providing YOU with inputs about how they are useful to YOUR business as consumers.

Now don’t you think you want to capture their attention at their digital habitats (if I may)?

Digital Marketing

Be it email marketing, social media marketing, internet marketing or search engine marketing, there are hoards of solutions that come easy and cheap to troll for consumers. You can digitally analyse these people and their behaviour and convert this information into useful data to aid you in your business.

Websites and Apps

Having your own website/app is cool but is it safe from hackers and viruses? Hosting them securely and maintaining them constantly helps smooth flow of traction to your site. Otherwise, a traffic jam and a site break down would do more harm to your brand image than cheap cosmetics.

Growth Strategy

You are successful now. That’s swell. Now, how will you scale your business digitally? How will you get the crowd living in any continent, relate to you and actually buy your product/solution? Viable and futuristic strategies will help your business keep with the trend and bring profits even if technologies change.

So how do you become digital?

Whom would you go to when you are stuck with day-to-day operations and chasing clients? A best place to start is contacting a digital solutions agency that would hold the fort down for you and also scout for tools, opportunities, and clients for the future. It would lay the groundwork for you to achieve a loyal consumer base.

So far, we have seen how people have interacted with technology over the years and how Digitalisation has rapidly evolved to become a part of our lives at the wink of an eye. Being digitally present is one thing, but engaging the crowd smartly and getting a client base is a tough one to crack. A digital solutions agency is the go-to wingman for you. In the next article, you will see how exactly this wingman is going to help you out.

Please comment and share this article if you think it made awesome sense! If it doesn’t, the next article should help you connect the dots!

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I am Deepa Sai, the founder of Quill Ink. I am a content writer, copywriter and a strategist. I write about content, marketing, management, strategy, Psychology, Social Work, lifestyle, books, and music. I provide content marketing, writing and editing services for professionals, small businesses and startups.

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