Why do you need a digital solutions agency?

This is an era where all things we touch turn digital, if not gold. Entrepreneurs want to offer cutting-edge technology, best-selling products, and groundbreaking solutions to the crowd.

You are surely mulling over your brand’s future every time you step outside — be it attending business events, hunting for clients or socialising with the industry’s top dogs. Isn’t it necessary to have a team of experts to breathe life into your ideas?

Splurging on infrastructure, manpower, advertisements, and those Batman-gadgets alone would not help. You can complement those with online promotions that relatively cost much less. Surely, a digital solutions agency is your Robin.

Be it B2B or B2C, an online presence is going to help you with:

  • a global reach to expand to new geographies and demographics
  • establishing awesome relationships with existing customers
  • providing real-time feedback
  • providing better analytics for your strategy
  • wading through the market clutter and creating a niche for yourself


Every brand starts with a website or an app

Sites are built in two ways: bespoke or theme-based. Bespoke websites are purely customisable according to your whims! If you are a large enterprise with e-commerce options, multiple business lines, affiliates, and products, choosing a high-end website is the best. This offers flexibility, unique flows and user experiences, optimisation to make your website Google-friendly, and scale up without breaking a sweat.

However, if you are a small enterprise, off-the-rack wallet-friendly theme-based designs help launch the website quickly to showcase your portfolio. A good Content Management System (CMS) also helps — open source solutions like WordPress, Joomla and Drupal do the trick. Notable brands like TechCrunch, Sony Music, and eBay Inc, are built on WordPress.

A mobile compatible website alone won’t suffice as we have moved on to tablets, touch tables, digital kiosks, wearable technologies, virtual reality devices and what not! A mobile app then, is a must: Android, iOS, hybrid, or a progressive web/mobile app if you want to get futuristic.


User Experience (UX) and User Interaction (UI)

Static websites are so yesterday. Innovations like the Internet of Things (IoT) that connects homes, offices, gadgets, appliances and even animals to the internet are gaining prominence. So are software and chatbots. A website that is based on UI and UX is worth your every penny.

These days websites are interactive with flash animations and transitions effects (Motion User Interface); have colors, textures, sound effects and designs that are not poached from the internet. They have a lot of fluidity to move in various directions while they are scrolled, icons are animated to flip or rotate, videos and GIFs are embedded in the website, live videos stream and update themselves on different blocks. There are carousels and sliders; long scrolling and tasty parallax scrolling options — and beat this —with sound effects that give an immersive and vivid user experience!


Customized Digital and IT Solutions

A customized software solution like customer relationship management (CRM) software or a workflow management software that may be cloud-based, is considered a lifesaver.

Apart from looking at aesthetics, a keen eye on security is crucial. Cybersecurity (to stop a malicious activity or data loss) is the icing on the cake. Hackers are sprawled all over the internet and even top companies like Talk Talk, Sony and Microsoft have been the victims of hacks and ransomware.

Talking about cybersecurity and not touching up financial security is a sacrilege. This also is your most needed weapon when enabling financial transactions to and from your site to the users. The payment gateways are supposed to be secure and the financial transaction has to be a success to build yourself credibility among the crowd. Businesses lose a potential number of customers within seconds due to bad transactions. The numbers are important enough to crash stock values.

While your site is getting a lot of traction, hosting it on a reliable server, with all-time technical support and infrastructure is the cherry on the icing.
Digital Strategy

While you are streamlining supply chain management and operations, building products and services, analysing investments and profits, and holding the fort down, someone has to scout for future prospects that are going to be interested in you.

A digital strategy aligning with your work would increase your profits. A customised digital strategy for each brand either for a technology intervention or marketing is a must.

Was that too deep? Here is a simpler version:

  1. Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), pay-per-click,  pay-to-play options increase visibility online. Your prospects can discover you with a click of their finger.
  2. Content marketing, be it textual or visual would teach your customers all the awesomeness that your product is, and stops you from employing tacky sales pitches.
  3. A loyal customer base on social media with a high level of engagement is brilliant.
  4. Online metrics and analytics will tell you if the customers love you or hate you.


Growth Strategy

A long-term growth strategy is a must for an ever-changing digital landscape. As your enterprise continuously evolves over time, an agile and lean growth framework will be the foundation. What good is a strategy if it can not adapt to fluctuating market demands?

A one-time digital strategy is definitely clumsy. Growth strategists, put their entire focus on the growth of the products. They have the knack of using unconventional and efficient ways of enhancing the product’s features. They know how to use marketing techniques in different phases of the buyer’s journey to acquire more buyer base for the product and retain existing customers. They work with various teams to break through marketing barriers and find the most effective solution for problems. They use analytics and data intelligence, provide rebranding options, and work to acquire a scalable business architecture, and give a holistic solution for your enterprise. They use these pebbles that lay the road to the future.

To put it in a nutshell, here is how a digital solutions agency is going to help you:

  • Get a unique online presence first.
  • Promote yourself online so you claim a customer base.
  • Become sustainable, boldly expand, and discover new horizons.

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I am Deepa Sai, the founder of Quill Ink. I am a content writer, copywriter and a strategist. I write about content, marketing, management, strategy, Psychology, Social Work, lifestyle, books, and music. I provide content marketing, writing and editing services for professionals, small businesses and startups.

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